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Our mission is to go hand in hand with people who have problems of marginality, addiction, violence or with their behavior in order to help them make sense out of their lives with the intention of re-establishing their rights and including them in different areas of society.

To be recognized by our national and international leadership. In addition, our service qualities are the result of a competent and committed human talented team to offer an answer of affection and love to people affected by marginality, addiction, violence or with behavioral problems. Besides, we accompany them to build their life projects.

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Our intervention model with patients

Fundación Hogares Claret´s intervention model is based on the Therapeutic Community. It is ialso supported by four pillars that are presented along every program such as Spirituality, Transcendental Meditation, Family Intervention and Scout Pedagogy. These pillars become a Therapeutic Model in a stage of integration where the being is the most important, making sense out of their lives and the structuring of their values are essential.

Service lines

• Homeless Children and adolescents.
• Emergency center for children and young people.
• Adolescents in conflict with the Law on Criminal Responsibility System.
• Demobilized Adolescents from the armed conflict.
• Drug Addiction Service Centers.
• Institute of the Claretian Family.

Others services

• Equine Family: therapy through horses.
• Ayurveda Integral Health Sadhana Center

Contact Us

Homes Claret Foundation | 57 Street # 43 - 20 Medellin-Colombia. Phone number
(57-4) 284 43 04 – (57-4) 448 43 04 | Fax :( 57-4) 284 96 12 |National line: 01 8000 51 68 68.